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News 2022

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Swedish LO: The ETUC no longer represents us Article
The Faroe Islands: A country without prisons Article
Swedish Employment Service wins award for anti-violence work Article
Iceland’s capital area waste collection no longer rubbish Article
Hadia Tajik: Norway’s Minister of Labour goes after tax scandal Article
Will the ILO elect its first female Director-General? Article
Another yellow card from Sweden – against platform work proposal Article
Renewed drive to fight work-related crime in the Nordics Article
Eliza Reid – Iceland's outstanding First Lady Article
Nordics showed resilience during the pandemic Article
Nordics split as EU minimum wage proposal delayed Article
The Nordic Council of Ministers' Secretary General steps down in 2023 Article
Siri starts speaking Icelandic "in 12-18 months" Article
Arvika: Where EU temporary protection directive is turned into housing, jobs and schooling Article
Parikkala goes for maids, whitefish and an unusual sculpture park Article
Hopes dashed on the Finnish-Russian border Article
Border trade crisis: Zsar's luxury fashion tempts neither Russians nor Finns in Vaalimaa Article
After a couple of yellow cards – EU agreement on Swedish startup jobs Article
Norway’s labour shortages stretch to “the furthest island” Article
Iceland’s union chief quits among infighting Article
New whistleblower act challenges Sweden’s unique freedom of expression Article
Sweden lands new landmark main agreement Article
Swedes abroad: Can they really sway an election? Article
Iceland's record-breaking parental leave "not perfect" Article
Labour market policies a challenge for Swedish government negotiations Article
Fiskars – the ironworks village that changed its spots Article
Finland extends parental leave Article
Vulnerable young people – how best to find them jobs and a place in society? Article
"Yellow" trade union struggles to gain foothold in Norway Article
Nordic trade unions “too distant from rest of EU” Article
Sudden growth creates problems for Icelandic tourism Article
Denmark and Sweden’s EU dilemma over minimum wages Article
Will the climate issue rejuvenate Nordic trade unions? Article
Karen Ellemann new NCM Secretary General Article
How to include more people in the Nordic labour markets? Article
Nordic focus on new jobs without discrimination Article

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