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Articles on innovation in chronological order.

Co-operation and competition for success

Gnosjö is home to one of Sweden's most successful industrial regions and, paradoxically, also one with the lowest level of education.

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Kongsberg: Working together for growth

By investing in networks, partnerships and closer co-operation between research and private industries, Norway intends to concentrate on growth and innovation over the next ten years. This initiative, entitled "Value Creation 2010", was launched at a conference in Kongsberg at the end of October.

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Internet pop

In recent months, several books have been written about the IT industry by former pop musicians.

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Is Volvo a car or a computer?

Is Volvo a car or a computer?

The Nordic countries are well advanced in the use of the new technology. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are at the forefront of Europe in terms of home PCs, Internet connections, and, not least, ownership of mobile telephones. But the lack of skilled labour can be an obstacle to continued rapid development, warn many experts.

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Initiative to strengthen Nordic cooperation in the IT area

The Nordic countries cannot rest on their laurels just because they have had success with the new technology. If IT is to be accessible to all, a joint effort and cooperation between the Nordic countries is needed, says Lennart Daleus, leader of the Swedish Centre party and member of the European Committee of the Nordic Council.

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The Dream Society

Rolf Jensen is the Director of The Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. It is one of the world’s largest institutes for creating scenarios and making forecasts about the future. Nevertheless, at a meeting, he was unable to answer a simple question from one of his clients: What will follow the information society?

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