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Occupational rehabilitation – organised anarchy?
Everyone struggles to increase the labour participation rate among people with reduced work ability. Could the actual support system be the greatest obstacle?
The Faroe Islands’ future must be more than fish
What will the Faroese live off when there is no more fish? Is the answer oil or tourism? The important thing is to create jobs for women in the archipelago which is more patriarchal than other parts of the Nordic region.
Feminists, but also masculinists
The Nordic region has cooperated on gender equality for 40 years. It has been of great importance for equality’s progress and has improved the lives of Nordic citizens, said Eygló Harðardóttir, Iceland’s Minister of Equality during the anniversary celebrations in Iceland on 26 August. Where is the debate today? Is there a need for a new equality narrative?
Finnish cases in EU Court of Justice could have Nordic consequences
Is the Finnish system of universally applicable collective agreements incompatible with the free movement of services? That is what an advocate-general at the Court of Justice of the European Union suggests in a fresh opinion. The case is only one out of three current ones which could have a major impact on the Nordic countries’ labour markets.
Social scientists must guide us out of the crisis
"There is a fire of resentment burning across Europe, and there’s an urgent need to calm tensions. Social scientists need to get involved. Dogmatic economists have been allowed to dominate the debate for too long," says Maurizio Ferrera, Professor at the University of Milan.
Women could determine the Nordic model’s future
A high employment rate for women is crucial to the future of the Nordic model. This was the main message from the OECD’s Mark Pearson as the report ‘The Nordic Model – challenged but capable of reform’, was being discussed at the meeting of Nordic labour ministers.
Anda Uldum: The man with the key to the national coffers and the mines
Greenland’s new Minister of Finance and Raw Materials, Anda Uldum, is facing a giant challenge.
Greenland — worth the journey
The fisheries producing the Greenland prawns and halibut still represent Greenland’s most important industry, and the grant from Denmark is still the country’s largest source of money. The dream is for mining and perhaps oil to make up a larger part of the revenue. Our short trip to Ilulissat, Greenland’s third city, gave us a good insight into the nature, culture and a changing society where tourists are offered four star experiences.
New Danish government: A new and challenging course for Danish labour market politics
Denmark’s new centre-right government faces the hard task of reforming the country’s unemployment benefit model.