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Insight and Analysis 2013

Articles which are more analytical.
Climate changes arctic working life
The climate is changing much faster in the Arctic than researchers had predicted. This also means great challenges for working life in an area where between four and nine million people live, depending on how you define it. The Arctic Frontiers conference has been staged in Tromsø for the eighth time.
ILO: Europe’s youth must get jobs and regain their confidence
The ILO will help put the youth guarantee into practice and make sure €6bn granted by the EU will be used to get Europe’s youth into work. The ILO will play a stronger role in helping crisis-hit European countries to improve the economic, social and political consequences of the crisis and to reestablish trust in the countries.
Munch in the canteen – for Freia’s workers only the best was good enough
Edvard Munch’s iconic The Scream created art history when it was sold at Sotheby’s in New York in 2012 for €91,033,826. The Scream is also part of the Anniversary Exhibition Munch 150, because Munch didn’t paint just one, but often several pictures of the same motif. The anniversary also features the Freia Frieze, which Munch painted for the workers’ canteen at the Freia chocolate factory in Oslo.
One in five construction workers in Sweden are posted
Over 18,000 workers were this spring posted by companies from other countries to work in Sweden, most of them in the construction industry. The number of posted workers in that industry was nearly as high as one fifth of all the working members of the Byggnads union – Sweden’s main union for construction workers. These are figures from the first comprehensive attempt at mapping the posted workers in Sweden.
Occupational rehabilitation – organised anarchy?
Everyone struggles to increase the labour participation rate among people with reduced work ability. Could the actual support system be the greatest obstacle?

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