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Editorial staff
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Editorial staff

| Photos: Tomas Bertelsen

Björn Lindahl is editor-in chief of the Nordic Labour journal and its network of freelance journalists and photographers in all the Nordic countries as well as in Åland and the Faroe islands. In addition, Kerstin Ahlberg participates as an employment law expert and Lars Bevanger as a translator.

Photo: Tomas Bertelsen 

Editor-in-Chief Björn Lindahl

"I have been the correspondent for various Nordic media in Oslo, Norway since 1981 – first for  Dagens Nyheter, later for TV4, Göteborgs-Posten, Politiken and Svenska Dagbladet. I have also been a columnist for Finnish media. I have finally come to the conclusion that I have not only moved to Norway, but that I have emigrated there. I have been a freelance journalist for the Nordic Labour Journal since 2001, part time staff since 2009 and I took over as Editor-in-Chief in July 2019." 


+ 47 92417828

Photo: Tomas Bertelsen

Expert on labour law

Kerstin Ahlberg, editor for EU & arbetsrätt, published by the Institute for Social Private Law at Stockholm University.

”I have been writing about labour market issues throughout my career. I have also always been a keen “Nordist” both professionally and privately. It all started in 1970 at the Arbetsmiljö magazine which had exchanges with sister publications in the other Nordic countries. I moved to the Lag & Avtal magazine in the 80s and started writing about what EC membership might mean to labour law. In 1997 I was asked whether I would like to set up a Nordic newsletter focusing on the relationship between EU rules and politics on the one hand and the Nordic countries’ national labour law on the other. I said yes, and this year that newsletter celebrates 25 years. I am a geek when it comes to these things, but I do, of course, have a life outside of this – where I devour belles-lettres and revel in languages.”

Telephone: +46 (0)8 16 32 86


Photo: Tomas Bertelsen


Marie Preisler

"Freelance news journalist with a background from the Danish news agency Rizau. I write about complex issues in a precise and clear manner, especially about labour market issues and about how children and young people can get a good education and become masters over their own lives. I am also a trained psychotherapist and work with preventing stress among young people and within families. Private passions: I love open sea swimming and I am writing on the big, Nordic contemporary novel."

Telephone: +45 26717780

Photo: Tomas Bertelsen


Bengt Östling

"I am a news reporter reporting on politics and social affairs at Yleisradio in Helsinki. Former USA correspondent based in New York from 2017 to 2019 and Nordic correspondent based in Stockholm between 2011 and 2013. I have also worked at the Nordic Council of Ministers' secretariat in Copenhagen and at the offices of the Government of Åland."

Photo: Tomas Bertelsen


Hallgrímur Indriðason

"I am a reporter on the foreign desk of Iceland's national broadcaster RUV, where I specialise in Nordic issues. I have been a journalist since 1997, except for one year when I worked for the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence in Lithuania. My main interests are sport and music.

Photo: Private


Line Scheistrøen

Freelancer with a heart for labour market journalism, the Nordic region and the world beyond.

I am a trained journalist and worked in local media in Narvik, Northern Norway, for many years before moving south. I was employed by LO Media from 2003 to 2019, where I mainly wrote for the LO-Aktuelt magazine. I also co-authored the book “Folkets Hus” with my colleague Sissel M. Rasmussen.

After spending some years as a trade union person at the Norwegian Union of Journalists, I began missing journalism too much and here I am, back as a freelancer.

When I am not working, you will find me in the forest, in the mountains and on the water – running or walking with or without the husky dog and the family. I try to live up to the motto “Life is best outdoors”.

Tel: +47 950 33 440

Reporting from Trondheim:

Bjørn Lønnum Andreasen


Photo: Tomas Bertelsen


Gunhild Wallin

“As a young journalist, I spent some years in Oslo in the 1980s. That turned into a life-long passion for Norway, which has grown to include all of the Nordic countries over the past 20 years that I have been working with the Nordic Labour Journal. I have mainly written about labour market and working life issues, ethics and elderly care. I have been a reporter and Editor-in-Chief, and I have also co-authored several books covering these issues. In later years I have also written texts for exhibitions. Learning new things, understating how things are linked and explaining things in understandable language is what drives me. I enjoy telling stories that are a bit outside of the media spotlight.”

Telephone: +46 708 138792

Photo: Tomas Bertelsen


Fayme Alm

An active and educated journalist, Fayme is also a trained librarian, which she finds very useful and enjoyable. She was a communications consultant for the Danish-Swedish team that developed and set up the bilingual website as the Öresund Bridge opened to link Denmark and Sweden.

Fayme has worked in Denmark for around ten years and has been in Sweden since 2013. Today she is based at Nyhamnsläge on the Kullen Peninsula in North-Western Skåne. She wants to help more people inside and outside the Nordic region learn more about our welfare countries. What is good? What can be better? Which challenges are we facing in terms of inclusion that will give us a labour market that mirrors the population? That is what she wants to investigate and write about.

Photo: Tomas Bertelsen

Faroe islands   

Rólant Waag Dam



Helena Forsgård

Photo: Tomas Bertelsen

Translation from Scandinavian to English

Journalist Lars Bevanger

“I am a freelance radio, online and print journalist and also translate between the Scandinavian languages and English. I have experience from the BBC World Service, BBC News and NRK, and also work for other international media. My current home is in Manchester, England, and I cover anything from politics to climate and culture – both in the UK and in Norway. Most of my spare time is spent running in the Peak District.”

Telephone: +44 74111 99518.



Tomas Bertelsen, Denmark

Cata Portin, Finland

Ilja C. Hendel, Norway

Editorial meeting

From left: Björn Lindahl, Kerstin Ahlberg, Rólant Waag Dam, Fayme Alm, Hallgrímur Indriðason and  Bengt Östling.

Marie Preisler hidden and Gunhild Wallin with her back to the camera.


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