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About us

Nordic Labour Journal


is an online publication with articles by journalists and writers from the Nordic countries. We aim to produce news and feature articles about working life with a Nordic perspective.

The editorial staff consists of Berit Kvam and Björn Lindahl, (above). Kerstin Ahlberg, editor at EU & Arbetsrätt, is our permanent contributor on labour law and we also use a team of freelancers from all of the Nordic countries. 

Our main focus is the labour market, work environments and labour law within the Nordic models, which are based on collective agreements between unions and employers in cooperation with the authorities.

Nordic Labour Journal is published by the Work Research Institute in Oslo on commission from the Nordic Council of Ministers. We are interested in the cooperation between Nordic countries, between the Nordic region and the EU and the relationship with other countries and international organisations like the ILO and OECD.

We wish to highlight the effects that trends within social media, new technology, globalisation and demographics have on working life and how the demands on leadership, unions and workers change with them. We focus on issues like sustainable work environments, labour markets, migration, youth and other vulnerable groups, entrepreneurship and green workplaces (see In Focus and Topics).

You are now reading the English version of the original website Arbeidsliv i Norden, which is published in the Scandinavian languages and is also issued as a free, monthly newsletter in email format (except in January, July and August). It is possible to print out the newsletter in the shape of a magazine with full texts and pictures. There is also an English language version of the newsletter.

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Berit Kvam, Editor-in-Chief

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