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About us

Dear readers

| Text: Editor-in-chief Berit Kvam

We are very pleased to be able to present a completely redesigned Nordic Labour Journal, presenting the content in a new way and in new colours. You can now easily enjoy the Nordic Labour Journal on any size screen, whether you prefer to read it on your mobile, tablet or computer.

Our readership keeps rising sharply and subscriptions are steadily increasing too. The most interesting trend is the rising number of readers using mobiles and tablets. In order to offer a better service and attract new readers, we have changed our design to make it work well across all platforms.

On your smartphone you can read individual articles one at a time, and search for whatever you need. You can access all content published since the turn of the millennium, and it is still free to subscribe to our newsletter.

More than half of you read the NLJ on a computer, where the new design provides the most comprehensive and easy to navigate information about working life in the Nordic countries.

The Nordic Labour Journal has become more accessible. We have also become a member in the Norwegian Specialised Press Association (Fagpressen), and we are members of professional organisations at home and internationally.

We are living in important times with a rapidly changing media reality. The growth of social media, content marketing and cuts in the media sector sometimes makes it difficult to know who is behind stories and messages. The Nordic Labour Journal is based on free and independent journalism. The publication is under editorial control, we are financed by the Committee of Senior Officials for Labour at the Nordic Council of Ministers and our publisher is the Norwegian Work Research Institute which is part of the Oslo University College.

There are two ways of finding out more about us: Click on either MENU or CONTENTS. Here you will find profiles of all of our regular contributors – staff and freelancers. We work closely with the most experienced journalists covering Nordic working life.

Under CONTENTS you can choose IN FOCUS where our latest theme is easily accessible. The top challenge to Nordic cooperation right now is the influx of refugees and immigrants. The Nordic Labour Journal looks at what consequences this has for the Nordic countries and their cooperation. Who would have thought when we celebrated the 60 year anniversary for free movement between the countries in 2014 that the Nordic passport union could come under threat, or that the Schengen agreement could collapse? The Nordic Labour Journal covers what is currently going on in the Nordic countries and debates the consequences.

Under PORTRAIT you will quickly find a tidy selection of all he portraits we have published since the start in 2000. This is where the name of the month gets heard, be it government ministers, trade union leaders, employers’ representatives or other decision makers. When the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration appoints a new leader, it is important to convey what she stands for to a wider audience outside of Norway too. The number of people reading these portraits shows that this is material of great interest.

Some of our most searched for articles are not necessarily those published in the latest month or year. They can be stories or even NEWS stories which are several years old, but with content which stays relevant. “The Nordic Model” is a frequent search term, and it ought to be our strength to convey the Nordic countries’ different labour and welfare models in a good way.

This is the third time we change in order to reach our readers in new a better ways. We started out as a print publication in 2000. With readers in many countries we were early adapters of a digital design, and in 2009 we distributed our first newsletter via email in order to reach readers faster and more efficiently. Now we have become even more easily accessible.

Enjoy and read what interests you. We hope you have a good and enlightening experience. Good luck!


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