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Sweden will celebrate the common Nordic labour market in 2024
As Sweden takes over the Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers next year, it will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the common Nordic labour market. A Nordic-Baltic meeting on fighting workplace crime is also scheduled.
Karen Ellemann – Nordic through and through
The Nordic Council of Ministers’ new Secretary General takes on responsibility for the Nordic cooperation as challenges are piling up – on security policy, the environment and the Nordic model itself. But she is an incurable optimist and believes the Nordic vision can be achieved.
LAMPA – Latvian democracy festival with Nordic inspiration
To strengthen democratic conversation culture through the exchange of ideas and by seeking understanding between people of diverse opinions. That is the purpose of the Latvian LAMPA festival, which has grown bigger each year since its inception in 2015.
Ukrainian women in Lithuania: We want to work for our country
Many well-educated Ukrainian women who have fled with their children to Lithuania struggle to find skilled work. Now, with the support from the Nordic Council of Ministers and others, women are getting the knowledge and tools they need to rebuild their country once the war ends.
Kjell-Arne Ottosson: Wants faster train connections and new Council of Minsters
The Nordic Council unanimously declared five years ago it wanted to create a council of ministers for transport and infrastructure as part of the Nordic cooperation. But so far the countries’ prime ministers have not picked up on this, despite major infrastructure investments inside and between the countries.
Creating synergies for life science cooperation in the Öresund Region
Is a bridge enough to expand the common labour market in the Öresund region, or is more needed? The answer from Medicon Valley Alliances’ CEO is: We must also become better at identifying and using the factors that benefit both Denmark and Sweden and explore the potential of this.
Labour market policies a challenge for Swedish government negotiations
Labour market issues were overshadowed by crime, high energy prices and immigration in the run-up to the Swedish election. As the centre-right block tries to negotiate a government platform supported by the Sweden Democrats, unemployment and public health insurance might be among the political chess pieces.
Parikkala goes for maids, whitefish and an unusual sculpture park
There is an old saying that "the maids from Parikkala and the whitefish from Simpeljärvi are better than anywhere else". The maid is now a sculpture in the city centre while the whitefish is swimming in the lake. But a sculpture park with 255 concrete statues doing yoga is by far the biggest draw.
Renewed drive to fight work-related crime in the Nordics
All of the Nordics have intensified the fight against work-related crime. Norway’s new government has launched what it calls a spring clean of the Nordic labour market. Sweden’s deputy Minister for Employment Johan Danielsson has been tasked with coordinating the policy, and recently visited Oslo where he met his Norwegian colleague Marte Mjøs Persen.
Nordics showed resilience during the pandemic
The Nordic countries managed well economically during the pandemic in light of the massive changes that were undertaken. In four of the five countries, life expectancy rose. Denmark spent the most money while Norway did best overall while also experiencing a baby boom.
Islands with their own point of view
The Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland see the Nordic cooperation as a stepping stone to the outside world. But they also bring plurality to the Nordic table by enhancing awareness of different governance arrangements, peoples and their rights.
How much independence for Greenland, Åland and Faroes in the future?
Will the Nordic region in the future merge into one single federal state, or will there be eight, instead of five separate nation states?
Hybrid work: Nordic border commuters face income tax headache
Hybrid work became a solution for many companies during the Corona pandemic. But people commuting across borders risked being taxed in a different country because they were working from home. The Nordic Border Barriers Council is on the case.
Understanding each other – digital services ease cultural exchange
A common digital platform for topical conversations with Nordic profiles could raise awareness about what is going on in our neighbouring countries – just like television once did. New technology makes it easier to cross national borders.
Small languages need big language's help to reach IT giants
Languages that are not used in the digital world will not survive. That is the brutal message which formed the basis for the Nordic language meeting – a two days long conference on the latest development in language technology.
Iceland: Trust in politicians almost regained
On September 25 the Icelandic voters will elect a new parliament. Majority governments used to be the rule, but with more parties and four years with Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir, the rulebook has changed.
Trust levels in Sweden are swaying
Trust between people in Sweden is high, just like in the other Nordic countries. And despite the pandemic and high death rates, trust remains high in Sweden compared to the rest of the world. But on a local level, there is a growing gap between areas of high and low trust, according to the latest Trust Barometer.
Nordic cooperation – a must-have or nice-to-have?
The pandemic has led to increased polarization between the Nordic countries and trust between Nordic citizens has fallen. This is particularly true for those living far apart. In border regions, where people know each other, it has been less damaged.
Global initiative to strengthen social dialogue
The Corona pandemic has shown the importance of making quick decisions – but these also need public support. That is why social dialogue is so important. Global Deal, launched by Sweden together with the OECD and the ILO, is one of the few initiatives looking at social dialogue from an international perspective.
A “Nordic”, independent Scotland post-Brexit?
The last time the Scots went to the polls to vote for or against independence from the United Kingdom, there was speculation whether an independent Scotland would seek to link up with the Nordic region. Next year things might get serious.

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