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Margrethe Vestager dares take the fight to the giants
EU’s Danish Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager fights against the big ones bullying the little ones. It brings her respect at home and abroad.
Nordic inspiration behind new EU directive
Yet another EU directive dealing with wages is in the pipeline. This time it is about pay transparency and the aim is to improve compliance with the principles of equal pay for men and women. The proposal is said to be inspired by good experiences from Denmark and Sweden, but differs quite a bit from what is common practice in those countries.
Minimum wages: ball back in EU Commission's court
The EU can adopt the European Commission’s proposed directive on minimum wages – as long as one article is deleted or changed. That was the answer from the Council of Ministers’ legal service after the Danish government requested a statement. The question now is what will be the Commission’s next step.
Theme: The battle over statutory minimum wages
2021 is set to be a crucial year for statutory minimum wages in Europe. The debate has been raging for a long time and the differences are growing. But on 28 October, the EU Commission put its foot down. We ask the social partners, politicians and researchers what they think will happen.
Do we know more about the USA than Europe?
Many have become experts on US politics in the past 12 months. A few days ago, Donald Trump left the White House for the last time and Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the USA. The transfer of power also has consequences for the Nordics and Europe.

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