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Where does the border between the EU and the Nordic region run?
Right now is a fascinating time in Nordic and European politics. Rarely have so many things that affect the Nordics and their relationship with Europe been happening simultaneously. Some forces link the Nordic countries closer to each other and the EU, while at the same time, the boundaries for cooperation have become clearer.
Swedish MEPs: Climate crucial in EU elections
In the EU it is often said that the green transition will bring future jobs, but now the EU’s main climate actions are threatened. As June’s European Parliamentary elections approach, far-right parties want to either change or tear up existing decisions in the EU Green Deal and Fit for 55. The conservative EPP group is also looking at putting the brakes on the climate transition.
Claes-Mikael Ståhl: Money and solidarity needed for the green transition
Right-wing populists are gaining ground in Europe and if they get more power in the Parliament, ambitions for the green transition and for a social and just Europe risk being pushed back. "We worry about even more push-backs in the future," says Claes-Mikael Ståhl, the European Trade Union Congress Deputy General Secretary.
EU labour law after the parliamentary elections
What new labour legislation can we expect from the EU in the next five years? This depends as much on who becomes Commission President as on what the Parliament has on its wish list.
Mobilising for a strong social Europe
On 16 April, a new social declaration on the future of employment policy covering the years 2024 to 2019 was adopted in Belgian La Hulpe. The La Hulpe Declaration was signed by the Belgian Presidency on behalf of 25 countries. Sweden and Austria were the only EU states not to sign.

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