Jobs are key to all Nordic countries’ integration policies
All of the Nordic countries are attractive targets for refugees and labour migrants alike. But there are major differences both between which groups arrive and how they are received. Finland and Iceland have always stood out, but now the differences are increasing at a faster rate also between Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
Editorial: Fresh thinking is crucial
At the Employment Forum in Brussels, a labour life conference with participants from across Europe, one message was repeated over and over: no matter how much you give unemployed people training, nothing happens unless you create jobs. But how? Fresh thinking is crucial.
From vulnerable woman to professional knitter
Danish social entrepreneur Nina Brandi has successfully involved vulnerable women in her knitting business which sells hand and machine knitted products to a global market.
Europe looking for new ways of creating new jobs
Partnerships could create more jobs in Europe
Labour market measures and various types of training are not enough, no matter how good they are. Job creation is the crucial thing and it must happen through cooperation between the public and private sectors and civil society. These were some of the conclusions when labour market experts met at the annual Employment Forum in Brussels.
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