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Digital revolution in the nursing home tema
| Oct 2016

Digital revolution in the nursing home

At the Solbjerg nursing home, new digital solutions have freed up more time for employees to spend with the residents, and this is just the first phase in a digital revolution. In ten years from now, all of the home’s offices will be gone, predicts the nursing home’s coordinator.
| Oct 2016

Securing Danish welfare through digitalisation

Municipalities, regions and the central Danish government authority will explore new digital opportunities while maintaining citizens’ experience of the public arena as an accessible partner. Many public sector institutions are already well underway.
Youths monitored – voluntarily – by 2000 sensors tema
| Oct 2016

Youths monitored – voluntarily – by 2000 sensors

There is much talk about digitalisation and smart cities, but it is high time we posed some critical questions around how technology is being used, thinks Malin Granath. In early October she defended her thesis on the subject at the University of Linköping.
Cycling into the future tema
| Oct 2016

Cycling into the future

There are great digital ambitions in the Nordic region: “Sweden will be a world leader in exploiting the opportunities of digitalisation”. Danish businesses will be “among the best in Europe when it comes to using IT”. But despite the grand words, there is also a worry that the Nordic region is lagging behind countries like the USA and China.
| Oct 2016

The Nordic region – not cheaper, but smarter?

Smart solutions are often digital. Digitalisation is central to how society develops and it affects our lives in completely new ways. How does this development work in practice and how is the Nordic region contributing? There are several questions: Can the future become too smart? Do we need to pose more questions? Discuss more?
Joint Finnish-Swedish project develops businesses in the archipelago    tema
| Oct 2016

Joint Finnish-Swedish project develops businesses in the archipelago

The three year long project starts in October. It will develop small businesses in the Finnish and Swedish archipelago, across borders and disciplines. The aim is to create new businesses, new knowledge and new clusters of cooperation, where digital opportunities play an important role.
Bus drivers – a dying occupation as Finland goes for digitalised transport? tema
| Oct 2016

Bus drivers – a dying occupation as Finland goes for digitalised transport?

Finnish commuters are facing a very different journey to work in the future. Many transport sector jobs can disappear, or at least change. New traffic legislation aims to make transport services more flexible, based on the sharing economy and call control. And the self-driving robot buses are just around the corner.
| Oct 2016

Denmark can learn from Sweden’s work environment measures

Sweden has a stronger culture for cooperation than Denmark when it comes to work environments, according to a survey carried out on behalf of an expert committee looking at measures for improving work environments.
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