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Recommendations ready for new Danish employment policy

(Feb 06, 2014) There will be major changes to measures aimed at unemployed people on benefit if the Danish government follows the recently published recommendations from the so-called Carsten Koch committee. A new employment policy is expected to be ready before the summer recess.

Renewed focus on Danish working environments

(Feb 06, 2014) Denmark’s construction industry will fight to limit workplace accidents. It’s the latest in a range of government initiatives aimed at improving the physical work environment.

The 2014 Icelandic Presidency: focus on masculinity

(Dec 11, 2013) Iceland takes over the Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers from next year, during which time the Council will focus on labour market issues, men and masculinity as well as ways of removing border obstacles between the Nordic countries.

Do the statistics paint a true picture of youth unemployment?

(Dec 11, 2013) There are considerable difference between the Nordic countries in their levels of youth unemployment and how long it lasts. But are some of the differences a result of the way in which statistics are gathered, and are Sweden and Finland really doing worse than any of the other countries in all aspects?

Sweden’s transport sector considers universally applicable collective agreements

(Dec 11, 2013) The Swedish model is no longer strong enough. The transport sector is so troubled by unfair competition that we must consider introducing universally applicable collective agreements.

More sick leave among ‘double-shift’ women than men

More sick leave among ‘double-shift’ women than men

(Nov 07, 2013) When a woman has her second child while holding down an equally demanding job as the father, she is at twice the risk of going off sick compared to her husband, according to a new report on sick leave among women, presented in Sweden on 5 November.

The Efta court clashes with Norway’s Supreme Court

(Nov 07, 2013) Norway’s Supreme Court was wrong to rule that companies posting workers to the Norwegian shipbuilding industry must pay their travel, board and lodging expenses, argues the Efta Court’s President in a general attack on the Supreme Court. He accuses it of being disloyal to the EEA agreement and indicates the last word may still not been had.

Women less penalised for part-time work than previously thought

(Oct 31, 2013) Part-time work has few negative consequences for women in the Nordic region. New regulations have reduced the impact on pensions. A preschool teacher or enrolled nurse in Denmark or Norway who works part-time for ten years still receives 98-99 percent of the maximum pension.

Elisabeth Svantesson is Sweden’s new Minister for Employment

Elisabeth Svantesson is Sweden’s new Minister for Employment

(Oct 09, 2013) On 17 September Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt appointed Elisabeth Svantesson as his new Minister for Employment. She replaces Hillevi Engström who became Minister for International Development Cooperation. The reshuffle was announced during the Prime Minister’s government declaration.

More social enterprises on the horizon in Denmark

More social enterprises on the horizon in Denmark

(Sep 06, 2013) Social enterprises are being promoted both by the Nordic region and the EU. Denmark’s government has launched a new strategy.

Moving public services to fight social marginalisation

(Jun 19, 2013) The Swedish Equality Ombudsman, DO, has been asked by the government to prepare a move from Stockholm city centre to the suburbs of Tensta/Rinkeby – the areas which only weeks ago were shaken by riots. The Stockholm city council has also just decided to move its education department with 400 staff there.

EU standardisation of services worries trade unions

(Jun 19, 2013) Common EU standards are aiming to speed up cross-border trade in services. Just as long as this doesn’t mean introducing EU rules through the backdoor which would be in breach with member states’ labour law and collective agreements, say trade unions – whose concern is shared by the Swedish government.

OECD: Economic worries fuel immigration debate

OECD: Economic worries fuel immigration debate

(Jun 19, 2013) The number of asylum seekers in the whole of the OECD topped 400,000 for the first time in eight years in 2011. Preliminary figures shows this trend carrying on in 2012. There are large differences within the Nordic region. In Sweden last year nearly twice as many people sought asylum as in Denmark, Finland and Norway combined.

Avoiding change-induced stress in the workplace

(May 22, 2013) Changes are common in Nordic workplaces, and the social partners in Denmark are now joining forces to prevent this from causing stress.

New government in Iceland

New government in Iceland

(May 22, 2013) Iceland has a new government. It has announced a stop to EU membership negotiations to allow time to decide whether negotiations will continue at all. It is still unclear when a referendum on EU membership will take place.

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