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Morten Skov Christiansen new head of the Danish Trade Union Confederation

Morten Skov Christiansen new head of the Danish Trade Union Confederation

| Text: Marie Preisler

A new President of the Danish Trade Union Confederation FH has been unanimously voted in by members.

The Danish labour movement took an important step towards restoring calm and order during an extraordinary general meeting of the Danish Trade Union Confederation, FH, on September 7, 2023. FH member organisations unanimously voted through a replacement for Lizette Risgaard, who last year stepped down from the Presidency after a legal investigation found her guilty of several inappropriate incidents.

Morten Skov Christiansen was the only candidate and was promptly elected the new President. He has so far been one of to deputy leaders at FH and has been caretaker President since Lizette Risgaard stepped down on 30 April 2023.  

Apologised to the victims

The way in which Morten Skov Christiansen has dealt with FH’s big challenges has been widely welcomed in the labour movement. In the spring of 2023, media reports emerged with allegations that Lizette Risgaard had inappropriately touched several co-workers. FH chose to launch a legal investigation which concluded in August that the allegations were true. Lizette Risgaard had behaved inappropriately on several occasions.

“I am extremely sorry that the victims have been subjected to this. There must be no doubt that one episode is one too many,” said Morten Skov Christiansen when FH presented the external legal review's conclusions. 

Morten Skov Christiansen is an electromechanical engineer by trade and has a long career in the trade union movement. Many describe him as a President who can build bridges between the FH’s member unions – which represent both private and public employees who do not always share the same priorities. 

Stopping dwindling membership

One of the new President’s challenges will be to help maintain a strong trade union movement as many unions are struggling to hold on to their members. Young workers do not automatically join a trade union when starting work.

Commenting on the FH’s role in the coming years, Morten Skov Christiansen has said that nobody will improve employees’ conditions if they do not do it themselves.

“That is why it is so important that we strengthen our professional community. The solution to a good life rests with us, our community and our collective strength. Talk about this in the workplace. Grab your colleague. Get them onboard. There is strength in numbers. And we do need strength. The daily challenges are queueing up.”

Morten Skov Christiansen
  • Has been one of two Deputy Presidents at FH and caretaker President since Lizette Risgaard stepped down from the post on 30 April 2023.
  • A trained electromechanical engineer.
  • Began his political career as a youth consultant with the Danish Union of Metal Workers and later at The Danish Confederation of Trade Unions, LO.
  • A trade union secretary at the Metal Hovedstaden (the Copenhagen region chapter of the metal workers’ union) and was the head of LO Hovedstaden until he was elected as LO Deputy President.
  • Re-elected after the fusion of LO and the Confederation of Professionals in 2019. 

Source: FH

About FH

FH logo

The Danish Trade Union Confederation is an umbrella organisation representing around 65 trade organisations, which again represent hundreds of local trade unions.  

A total of 1.3 million Danish private and public sector workers are members of FH via their local trade unions.

Source: FH


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