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Portrait 2016

Åland’s Premier Katrin Sjögren: Multi-talented law maker
The Liberal Katrin Sjögren has been the head of Åland’s autonomous government since November last year, and the challenges are queuing up. Cuts are needed everywhere, Åland’s largest factory is threatened with closure and a high profile wind power project looks set to get blown away.
Birgitta Forsström – The fresh thinking Nordic region’s working environment director
Good leadership is crucial for well-being at work thinks NIVA’s new director, Birgitta Forsström. NIVA now offers courses in health promoting leadership and diversity leadership in addition to more traditional themes. This is how she wants to create new Nordic arenas for training in the working environment area.
SAK President Jarkko Eloranta: Poorer Finns cannot be a good thing for Finland
Since June this year, Finland’s largest trade union SAK has been run by Jarkko Eloranta. In this portrait interview with the Nordic Labour Journal he attacks the government’s labour market politics for its aim of making Finnish labour cheaper.
Elisabeth Vik Aspaker, the government minister in charge of Nordic cooperation in 2017
Elisabeth Vik Aspaker is Norway's Minister of EEA and EU Affairs, and the Minister of Nordic Cooperation. She comes from Norway's northernmost county and is used to working across the Cap of the North. She has been an advisor and state secretary in several centre-right governments and is well prepared for 2017. That is when she will be in charge of Nordic cooperation. What will be her priorities?
Finland’s Anne Berner: We must not loose the right to Nordic freedom of movement
It has been eight months since business woman Anne Berner became a minister in Finland’s new centre right Sipilä government. She plans to stay in politics for one term, which means she has no more than three years and four months to implement her plans. And she has her plans laid out.
Kristin Lund: No shortcuts to gender equality in the armed forces
Major General Kristin Lund from Norway is the UN’s first female commander of a peacekeeping force. She believes there will be a female commander-in-chief in one of the Nordic countries within four years.
Carola Lemne: Optimist on behalf of Swedish businesses
Carola Lemne is first among equals at The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and spokeswoman for 60,000 small and large companies. Her recipe for better inclusion of newly arrived people into work is cutting costs for employers. Lower pay and lower tax leave both employers and employees better off.
NIB’s Henrik Normann – the welfare sector needs a bank director too
Henrik Normann heads one of the most successful Nordic institutions, the Nordic Investment Bank. It is celebrating 40 years in business, and was founded with capital from all of the five Nordic countries.
The ILO’s Deborah Greenfield: In dialogue with the Nordics on gender equality
Deborah Greenfield was part of the transitional administration from Bush to Obama. Now, as the Deputy Director General, she is about to take the ILO into a new era. Meeting Nordic labour ministers, Deborah Greenfield is impressed with the discussion.

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