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Insight and Analysis 2015

Articles which are more analytical.
New Danish government: A new and challenging course for Danish labour market politics
Denmark’s new centre-right government faces the hard task of reforming the country’s unemployment benefit model.
Anda Uldum: The man with the key to the national coffers and the mines
Greenland’s new Minister of Finance and Raw Materials, Anda Uldum, is facing a giant challenge.
Marginalised youths on the labour ministers’ agenda
“No youths should be left to their own devices for longer periods of time,” Danish Noemi Katznelson told Nordic labour ministers when she presented her latest research in Copenhagen recently. Marginalised youths and work were the themes for discussion between the ministers and the social partners, with a focus on preventative measures against unemployment.
Youth unemployment at the Economic Forum: how to solve it?
What is needed to make sure young people can find a proper job, allowing them to make a decent living? Youth unemployment hits the Nordic countries and other European countries in different ways, but it remains a major challenge for all of them. Is the youth guarantee the solution? What is the answer?

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