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Commission Green Paper on labour law and the challenges of the 21st century
The Barrosso Commission of the European Union presented in late 2006 a Green Paper entitled “Modernising labour law to meet the challenges of the 21st century”. The paper has received reactions and comments during the whole of spring. The general assessment is that the Nordic countries and the Nordic social partners have been rather critical to the suggestions and proposals in the Green Paper.
Finland's Tuula Haatainen sees positive gender signals in EU
The European Union is seriously looking at the challenges of gender equality, while many member states have no option but to address the problem of how work and family life can be combined.
EU enlargement two years on: what challenges to the Nordic labour market?
The growing mobility of labour from EU-8 after 1 May 2004 has contributed to increasing production and employment, curbing of prices and interest rates, and extending the room of manoeuvre in economic policies in the Nordic countries.
Border-less learning
"Adult learning is a priority", said Norwegian deputy minister Åge Rosnes, when he opened the conference "Quality adult learning. A challenge for the Nordic welfare model?" It was one of many events which form part of "The Nordic Network for Adult Learning" (NVL). It begun in January 2005 as an initiative by the Nordic Council of Ministers. It's task is to develop adult learning.
Well-being at work sparks productivity
Facing global competition Finland's way: go for sustainable working life.

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