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Nordic preparedness put to the test

(Sep 26, 2023) Rarely has the scout motto been more apt than right now. When the leader says “Be prepared!” the scouts answer “Always prepared!”

The need to facilitate mobility in the Nordics

(Aug 22, 2023) “My ambition is to make commuting within the Nordic region as unhindered by red tape as possible, both for the worker and the employer. And cross-border commuters should be able to work from home without it having consequences for the amount of tax they pay.”

Karen Ellemann – Nordic through and through

Karen Ellemann – Nordic through and through

(Aug 22, 2023) The Nordic Council of Ministers’ new Secretary General takes on responsibility for the Nordic cooperation as challenges are piling up – on security policy, the environment and the Nordic model itself. But she is an incurable optimist and believes the Nordic vision can be achieved.

The Nordics look to the Baltics

(Jun 26, 2023) The war in Ukraine has brought the Nordics and the Baltics closer together. This will become very clear during the Nato summit in Vilnius on 11 and 12 July, when Finland and perhaps even Sweden will participate as members of the defence alliance for the first time. We take a closer look at the cooperation with the Baltic countries which has grown to become more equal.

When do we get a Council of Ministers for Transport?

(Apr 27, 2023) If the prime ministers really want the Nordics to become the world’s most integrated region, there should be a designated Nordic Council of Ministers for transport and infrastructure.

Scarpetta: The OECD has learned a lot from studying the Nordics

Scarpetta: The OECD has learned a lot from studying the Nordics

(Apr 27, 2023) Stefano Scarpetta is excited when he goes up to the podium at the start of the OECD and Nordic Council of Ministers conference in Reykjavik. "I don't know how you did it, but thank you for the fantastic northern lights that we got to experience last night!"

On the fringes of the EU

(Mar 23, 2023) The Nordics’ relationship with the EU stretches from Denmark joining 50 years ago to Iceland's current renewed debate about reopening accession talks that were never finalised.

The Norwegian civil servant working for Sweden

The Norwegian civil servant working for Sweden

(Mar 23, 2023) In January, Norwegian Finn Ola Jølstad swapped his day job as a senior civil servant at the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion in Oslo for a job at the Swedish Ministry of Employment. His job exchange lasts six months and falls right in the middle of Sweden’s EU Presidency.

It is time to get women on board again

(Feb 27, 2023) The number of female state leaders is falling. In rapid succession, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced their retirements.

When sustainability becomes the fashion

(Jan 19, 2023) The circular economy is only part of the solution for making our society greener. But it is very concrete and it is easy to measure its results. The circular economy is the theme for this edition, and we look at how it influences trade, fashion and the textile industry.

Nordics, Nato and the neighbourhood

(Nov 29, 2022) The Nordic Council is 70 this year, which was of course celebrated during its annual session in Helsinki. The Council President Erkki Tuomioja pointed out that parliamentarians cooperated for twenty years before the ministers got involved. In this edition, we take a closer look at the Nordic cooperation.

New ways of recruiting skilled labour

(Oct 28, 2022) 2023 has been designated the European Year of Skills by the EU Commission. Skills are about more than simply having knowledge, it is about having the ability to use them to carry out tasks and solve problems.

What is “real” work?

(Sep 22, 2022) Our need to be seen and appreciated is often as important or more important to us than pay. But what happens when the boss is an algorithm? Our theme this time is artificial intelligence, AI, and the Nordic labour market. That is quite a lot to chew on, so we only have space to take a few bites.

Nordic nuances regarding whistleblowers and paternity leave

(Aug 18, 2022) Nordic citizens have many rights that can seem nearly utopian to people elsewhere in the world. But in certain areas, there are surprisingly large differences also between Nordic countries. Paternity leave is one example.

Are left-handers discriminated against?

Are left-handers discriminated against?

(Aug 11, 2022) 13 August is Left Handers Day. The day celebrates the uniqueness and differences of left-handed people and was launched 46 years ago. Yet it has still not had a major impact, and it remains a bit of a mystery why left-handed people have never organised better.

Green aims in uncertain times

(May 26, 2022) One of the most important goals for the Nordic labour market cooperation is to make sure the right knowledge and skills are available to meet the demands of the green transition. But new and surprising challenges must also be dealt with.

Social sustainability under pressure from many sides

(Apr 25, 2022) Street battles in Sweden between people from disadvantaged areas and the police have less to do with a Danish politician wanting to burn the Koran and more to do with a lack of social glue between different groups.

MEP Jytte Guteland: another Swedish climate champion

MEP Jytte Guteland: another Swedish climate champion

(Apr 25, 2022) After eight years as an MEP and chief negotiator for EU’s climate legislation, Social Democrat Jytte Guteland is ready to leave the European Parliament to run for a seat in the Swedish one.

From modest environmental goals to the world's most sustainable region

(Mar 25, 2022) 23 March marked 60 years since the signing of the Helsinki Treaty in 1950. It came into force on 1 July that year and saw amongst other things the creation of the Nordic Council of Ministers – the Nordic governments' cooperation body.

Nordic gender equality paradoxes and power distribution

(Feb 25, 2022) More than 100 years after Swedish women got voting rights, Sweden got its first female Prime Minister last year.

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